Jax 3D

Jax3D began as a project to write the fastest software triangle rendering engine possible. This project was coded in 100% MMX-enhanced assembly language, and hand-tuned using the Pentium's performance counting registers. After achieving a speed of 500,000+ 25-pixel triangles per second on a Pentium 225MHz PC, a 3D object transformation engine was added to transform and display 3D objects. A few months later the idea emerged for the Jax 3D demo. After a winter's worth of design and coding, the initial draft of Jax 3D was up and running! Over a year of sporadic coding episodes have given Jax 3D numerous enhancments, fixes, and improvements.
    Jax 3D Features:
  • Direct support for 3D Spex LCD shutter glasses
  • 1000 Morphing Points of Light
  • 6-Dimensional Color-shifting Plasma Background


System Requirements
Jax 3D requires a minimum configuration of:
  • Intel or compatible Pentium or better CPU with MMX support
  • 16 Megabytes RAM
  • DOS 6.00 or better, or Windows 95/98
  • Super VGA compatible display adapter with VESA VBE 2.1 or better support and 2 megabytes or more RAM
Note: Jax 3D will not run with EMM386.EXE loaded in the CONFIG.SYS file.

Jax 3D
Click on the above banner to download the Jax 3D executable.

Use the "Escape" key to exit Jax 3D. There is only one command line switch, "-lcd", which is used to enable 3D Spex parallel port LCD glasses.
Special:Contact Fascination Software to add support for different brands of LCD glasses.


Click above to send an email to Fascination Software about Jax 3D. Comments and questions are welcome.
Special: Jax 3D is a well-structured and documented assembly language program. If enough requests are received, Fascination Software will release a "Jax 3D Development Kit" to allow users with little or no knowledge of assembly language to create their own palettes, objects, scenes, and morphing effects.

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