MetaMorf was a commercial morphing program which was written in 1993 and 1994, and was published in late 1994. The core code in MetaMorf came from a fun little shareware morhping utility which was written in 1993. MetaMorf was published by an obscure publishing company in Highland Park, IL and sold nationwide in several large retail outlets. Fascination Software is proud to present in the year 2000 a version of MetaMorf which has never before been released, due to bureaucratic foolishness. Since the publisher cheated us through breach of contract on a large sum of royalties, Fascination Software has decided to release this never-before-seen and totally out-of-hand version of MetaMorf 3D to the public, free of charge. Enjoy.

02/12/2006 Update: I have fixed two problems with MetaMorf which only occured in Windows XP, so users of Windows XP should be able to use MetaMorf.

09/15/2002 Update: I fixed a problem with MetaMorf which only occured in Win98. The problem prevented loading the menu bitmap correctly, so it was a little tough to use the program. Anyway it's fixed now; if you run into any more problems don't hesitate to report them to me.


Morph Movie

Check out a cool mpeg movie (450k) produced with MetaMorf 3D of this woman morphing into a cheetah!

System Requirements
MetaMorf 3D requires a minimum configuration of:
  • IBM PC compatible 386 or better
  • 16 megabytes of RAM
  • 5 megabytes hard drive space
  • DOS 5.00 or better, or Windows 95/98

Click on the tiny MetaMorf logo to download the full MetaMorf 3D software package.

The documentation for MetaMorf 3D was patched together in March 2002 and is now included with MetaMorf 3D .ZIP package available for download above.


As always, your comments are greatly appreciated. Feel free to send email to Fascinations Software regarding MetaMorf.

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