This tiny program was written on a weekend in the fall of 1998 after all conventional means of waking up at a reasonable time were exhausted. The VGA 640x480x16 grayscale mode is used to display huge rotating anti-aliased numeric digits which are designed to be readable to a squinting eye from a distance. RClock Alarm also features a unique numeral morphing mode.
    Interesting RclockAlarm Facts:
  • RClockAlarm.exe is 8,150 bytes long.
  • The source code for this program consists of 2,222 lines of assembly language.
  • The uncompressed bitmap image of the clock's ten digits takes up more space than the entire executable.


System Requirements
RClock Alarm requires a minimum configuration of:
  • IBM PC compatible 386 or better
  • Couple of hundred free kilobytes of conventional RAM
  • DOS 5.00 or better, or Windows 95/98
  • VGA or compatible display adapter
If your PC can't run this thing, we feel sorry for you.

RClock Alarm
Click on the above banner to download the RClock Alarm executable.

You don't need any documentation for this tiny program; all of the key commands are explained on-screen.


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