Richard's (Systems Engineering) Resume

Richard Goedeken

333 Prestonwood Drive #1810
Richardson, TX 75081
Home Phone: (972) 690-7705

Summary and Goal:
Self-motivated individual with attention to detail and proven creative problem-solving abilities seeking systems engineering position.

Skills and Training:
  • C / C++
10 Years Experience, Strong Object-Oriented Skills
  • Assembly Languages
Intel x86 (13 Years), 1802, 6809, 68HC11, TMS320c30
  • Intel x86 Advanced Instructions
x87, MMX, SSE, 3DNow!
  • Digital Interfacing
ISA, LCD controllers, 68HC11, SRAM, current drivers, RS422, RS232, LVDS, 74xx/4xxx logic, PLD (PEEL/PAL)
  • Analog Interfacing
D/A, A/D, Automotive Sensors, Laser, High-speed Galvanometer
  • Embedded System Environments
68HC11, AMD AM188ES, TMS320c30, Philips TriMedia
  • MS Windows Technologies
MFC, COM, DirectX, Visual Studio, Source Safe
  • Linux Technologies
GCC, MySQL, QT, Red Hat 7.1, 9.0
  • DSP Algorithms
Industrial Vision, Audio Processing, Voice Recognition
  • Advanced Algorithms
Industrial Control, 3D Graphics, Genetic Algorithms, Morphing, Image Processing, Data Compression, Wavelets
  • Operating Systems
DOS, Win9x, WinNT/2000, Linux
  • Legacy Languages
BASIC, Fortran

Professional Experience:
  • 1999-2003Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments, Plano, Texas.
    • Cut package inspection algorithm execution time 60% by coding low-level functions in MMX assembly.
    • Designed, implemented, documented, and supported an embedded computer system for controlling myriad aspects of an integrated package inspection system. Code written in C.
    • Wrote DLL interface in C++ for integrating WAV-1000 wafer inspection system with Electroglas EG-4090 prober.
    • Integrated high-speed CMOS camera and 8-CPU DSP board with WAV-1000 3D Bump Inspection. Wrote all interface code in C++.
  • 1993 - PresentFascination Software
    • 2002 Designed and implemented proprietary algorithm for image database fuzzy search and matching
    • 1999 Designed 320c32-based system for MP3 decoding and playback. Designed and built SRAM expansion board.
    • 1999 Designed and built an embedded dual-LCD digital dash replacement for 1989 Chevy Celebrity. Code written in HC11 assembly.
    • 1993 Wrote 100% assembly-language MMX-optimized 3D engine
    • 1994 Published commercial software called MetaMorf with Villa Crespo software, Highland Park, IL
    • Wrote image morphing program in C and x86 assembly language. Shareware version called RMorf.
  • Summer 1998IBM Corporation, Rochester, Minnesota.
    • Formulated test cases and wrote test code in C to debug Cluster messaging infrastructure and API for V4R5 of the AS/400 operating system.
  • Summer 1997Norand Corporation, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
    • Designed and implemented an inventory control and test program in C to be used with 6400 PEN*KEY handheld PCs.
    • Used Berkeley sockets interface with the 6400 PEN*KEY's DOS TCP/IP stack over Open Wireless LAN.
  • Summer 1996Motorola, Inc, Schaumburg, Illinois.
    • Wrote modem testing and source-code maintenance utilities in C for in-house use.
    • Wrote Win32 utility program shipped with PC Card modems for flash update of the card's CIS data.
  • Summer 1993Rockwell International, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
    • Revised ARC-182 radio remote control code (in RCA 1802 assembly language) to support new voice encryption feature called HAVE-QUICK.

B.S., Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, May 1999
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University, May 1999

Honors and Activities:
Mensa, National Merit Scholar, Dean's List, National Honor Society, Salutatorian of High School Class, Iowa All-State choir.

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