GenLab Snakes

Once upon a time, a dear friend and colleague gave me a purple and green Rubik's Snake, a toy procured at a trade show. Upon examination of the toy, it was evident that the 3-Dimensional structure of the snake's 24 pieces could be coded into a 48 bit DNA string. The rest is history.
    GenLab Snakes Features:
  • A population of 1024 Virtual Snakes
  • Genetic algorithm with 5 Fitness Functions to evolve the population
  • 9 Small Snake windows. Each window can be independently rotated and zoomed
  • Full population statistics with auto-scaling histogram
  • Snake DNA Display and Direct DNA Entry
  • Large View Mode with two transparency modes
  • Snake Gallery of 20 cool Snakes which may be copied into the population
  • Population control: load, save, and randomize
  • The uncompressed bitmap image of the logo displayed in GenLab Snakes is larger than the executable file!


System Requirements
GenLab Snakes requires a minimum configuration of:
  • Intel or compatible Pentium or better CPU with MMX support
  • 16 Megabytes RAM
  • DOS 6.00 or better, or Windows 95/98
  • Super VGA compatible display adapter with VESA VBE 2.1 or better support and 2 megabytes or more RAM
Note: GenLab Snakes will not run with EMM386.EXE loaded in your CONFIG.SYS file.

Click on the Snake to download the GenLab Snakes executable.

Click on the Snakes Manual banner above to download a text version of the GenLab Snakes manual.


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