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Fascinations Software is proud to release documentation and specifications for two awesome hardware projects! This information is free to the home hobbyist or electronic enthusiast for learning and creating.

RaceGauge RaceGauge
The Fascination Software RaceGauge system consists of two graphical backlit LCD displays, about a dozen high-brightness multi-colored LEDs, and an embedded computer. Replacing the dash, the RaceGauge computer interfaces with the car's existing dash signals and displays common measurements as well as computed racing information, such as 0-60 time.

Plus/4 Video Switch Commodore Plus/4 PAL-NTSC Switch
This is a hardware mod to install a toggle switch on the side of a Commodore Plus/4 computer which can be used to select either NTSC or PAL video output. This allows a Plus/4 owner to run either NTSC or PAL software with a single machine.

DSM Datalogger Cable 1G DSM Datalogger Cable
The 1G DSM Datalogger Cable allows owners of first-generation DSMs (Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser) to create a link between a laptop computer and the car's ECU. This link allows diagnostic testing, sensor reading, Check-Engine Light code removal, and datalogging. This is invaluable for mechanics and racers alike. On this web page I have placed the full documentation for building one of these cables, as well as ordering information for those who would rather purchase a pre-built and tested cable from Fascination Software.

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