NeonJax 3D

NeonJax3D began as an adaptation of the Jax 3D engine to the Win32 environment. The wrapper code necessary for a DirectDraw screen saver was written with the helpful information provided by Lucian Wischik. After this many key features and improvements were added. Finally, at the end of July 2002, NeonJax3D was released!

    NeonJax 3D Features:
  • Pure Assembly Language MMX 3D Engine
  • 1000 Morphing Points of Light
  • 6-Dimensional Color-shifting Plasma Background
  • Load and Restore state for Never Repeating Demo.
  • Load and Display User-Generated 3D Demos (*.J3D files)
  • Free SDK version has the necessary tools to create your own demos!
  • Support for Nvidia-based LCD shutter glasses
  • Small File Size
  • Free to Distribute to Anyone!


System Requirements
NeonJax3D requires a minimum configuration of:
  • Intel or compatible Pentium or better CPU with MMX support
  • Windows 95,98,Me,NT,2k,or XP
  • Video card support for 640x480x16 bit color video mode

There are two versions of the NeonJax3D Screen Saver - one uses DirectX 3 and is compatible with Windows NT 4.0, and the other uses DirectX 7. Both versions are included in each of the distributions below.

NeonJax 3D
Click on the banner above to download the NeonJax 3D v1.0.2 Screen Saver only distribution. (127k)

NeonJax 3D (SDK)
Click on the banner above to download the NeonJax 3D v1.0.2 SDK distribution. (270k) This version of NeonJax3D includes the necessary tools to create your own 3D demos!

All of the necessary documentation is included in the ZIP files above. However the latest documentation may be found in the links below:

NeonJax3D v1.0 (Screen Saver only):

NeonJax3D v1.0 (SDK):

Getting Started
(Making your own demos)
To get started making your own demos, download the NeonJax3D SDK from the link above and unzip the archive to a directory of your choice. Open up a web browser link to this page to read the documentation, and open a Windows File Explorer window and point it at the 'Worlds\' directory in the NeonJax3D SDK. Run the batch files in that directory to see how the compiler and test batch files work. Find one of the demos that you like and open its Source text file (Example_*.txt).

Now you can begin playing with the NeonJax3D engine. Browse through the Scene Source file and look at how it works. Use the documentation above to answer your questions, and begin by making modifications to the example Scene file. Change some colors, or move some of the Vertices in an Object. Compile and test your changes with the batch file, and repeat.

When you're ready to create your own Scenes, you may copy and modify the batch files for testing your new Scene. When you have a good Scene, you may display it on any computer with NeonJax3D by copying the .J3D file.

Please email me via the link below with your favorite NeonJax3D creations and I will post the best of them here for others to view.

Click above to send an email to Fascination Software about Neon Jax 3D. Comments and questions are welcome.

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